If you have extra gold jewelry around the house, you can turn those gold pieces into pure cash through many services. Instead of in-person services, you have the option to ship your jewelry and receive cash for gold. An easy process to complete, you can make things even easier when you follow some tips.

1. Use Prepackaged Labels & Boxes

Cash for gold services will often provide a mailing envelope for you to ship your items directly to the company. With the labels and envelopes, you do not need to worry about writing out the correct address or paying extra postage for the items. It only takes a couple of days for you to receive your package accessories.

Once you do, you can slip your jewelry inside and send it off. You will not need to pay for your own boxes or envelopes either. If you have a large amount to send, you could ask for just a label, print out the label, and complete the shipping process faster. Attach the new label to the box you choose to ship items with.

2. Add Shipping Insurance

Many cash for gold shipping services will include insurance for the expensive items. You want to double-check and make sure your package includes insurance. List all of the items you pack into the package with as many details as possible. You should also take pictures of each item you place in the package just in case any problems occur.

Even with tracking available, shipping mistakes do happen, so you want to avoid any pitfalls and ensure you have coverage. Oftentimes, the insurance coverage amount will be more than the value of the jewelry, so your package is fully covered and you will receive compensation if the package goes missing.

3. Use Package Pick-Up Options

Instead of transporting your valuable gold to a post office or other shipping locations, you can arrange for a package pick-up from many locations. A package pick-up will include direct service from your house. The packages get scanned instantly into the system so you can track items right away.

You do not need to worry about arranging for extra transportation or leaving valuable gold pieces in your vehicle as you go to different locations. You can often arrange for a pick-up window to ensure you will be home and can hand over the package right away.

Use these tips each time you want to sell cash for gold and make the most out of your gold selling experience.