There are all sorts of pieces of jewelry that you can wear to show off a patriotic spirit. While a sterling silver skull ring might not immediately come to mind when you consider patriotic jewelry, the reality is that you can often find this type of ring with a patriotic theme. If you like the idea of wearing a skull ring and you want it to offer a patriotic vibe, there are several different products that you can consider. You'll want to browse an online jewelry retailer that carries an extensive selection of skull rings to look for a product that has one or more of these patriotic design features.

Stars And Stripes Bandana

One of the most common designs that you'll see when you look at patriotic silver skull rings is a stars and stripes bandana on the skull. There are a few different options that you'll come across. Some of these skulls have a stars and stripes bandana wrapped across their forehead, while others have it over their nose and mouth — much like some motorcyclists wear bandanas in this position to keep dirt off their face while they ride. Silver on the skull and red, white, and blue on the bandana can make for an impactful design.

Flag Motif

You'll see other sterling silver skull rings that have an American flag motif over the majority of the skull's surface. The skulls themselves can have different designs but can appear as though a flag outline has been placed over the entire skull. Commonly, the stars and stripes in these designs will be various shades of gray, which will give more of a subtle look than something in brighter colors. If you like the simple grayish look of a skull ring but want it to convey a patriotic feel, this design may suit you.

Colored Eyes

While there are silver skull rings that feature stars and stripes in different ways, you might like the idea of incorporating red and blue into your skull ring in a simpler manner. One option is to shop for a ring that has colored eyes. You'll see a lot of rings in which the eyes are the same color, but there are also rings with different-colored eyes on the market. A design that features one red eye and one blue eye, commonly made of cut glass, can convey a patriotic look without being over the top.

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