A lot of men choose their wedding rings based on the appearance of the jewelry. This is undoubtedly important, but you never want to sacrifice comfort for style — especially in something that you'll be wearing on your finger day after day. When you shop for a wedding ring, don't be afraid to try on as many as you can. You'll quickly notice that some are exceedingly more comfortable than others. While you'll want to balance comfort and design when you choose the ring for you, it's ideal if you can select a piece of jewelry that has as many comfort-focused design elements as possible. Here are some examples.

Rounded Edges

Take note of the edge style of wedding rings as you try them on. You'll be able to see — and certainly be able to feel — that some rings have flat edges and others have round edges. Both can offer visual benefits, but you should notice that rings with rounded edges are more comfortable. Those with flat edges can dig into your finger a little. If you're aware of this pressure when you try a wedding ring on, you'll want to try on other styles that don't make you so aware of this feeling.

Narrow Width

Men's wedding rings are typically wider than women's wedding rings, although the width can vary significantly. You might not favor a ring that is too thin, especially if you have large hands, but width plays a role in comfort. The thicker that a wedding ring is, the more that it might dig into your finger when you bend it. For example, you might feel the ring pushing into the inside of your knuckle. While this might not exactly be painful, it may be a nuisance to some degree. When you choose a narrower ring, this won't be an issue.

Smooth Surface

As you try on different ring styles, you'll be aware of how some have a smooth surface and others have a textured surface. You'll probably feel that those that are smoother feel gentler on your skin. Some rings with textured surfaces can be a little rough to the touch. For example, if you wear a ring with a rough hammered finish, this surface may feel a little rough when it makes contact with your skin — particularly when you bend your finger and the hammered surface of the ring touches the inside base of your finger.