Can you imagine getting every single present you need to buy for Christmas right in one store? And, you can probably do your shopping in a relatively short time. If you're like most other people, time is a valuable commodity in your life, isn't it? 

You could head to a department store and buy all of your gifts there, but that would mean fighting the hustle and bustle of crowds. Instead, think of shopping for all of your Christmas gifts at a jewelry store. From buying small gifts that don't cost a lot of money to buying more expensive gifts, here are some ideas that might help you.

Small Inexpensive Gifts - Think of getting those smaller, less expensive gifts first. For example, do you have little girls on your list? If so, think of buying a necklace that has a single pearl on it. Later, more pearls could be added when other gift occasions arise. Little boys could get unique tie tacks that will make them feel like little men. Maybe you have babies on your Christmas list. If so, the store will probably even have teddy bears for the little boy babies. A gold baby ring for the girl babies would be perfect, too.

Have you noticed that many girls and women are wearing simple gold or silver chokers? Wouldn't those be great for the teenaged girls on your list? Even if the recipient already has one, wearing a second one would still be pretty. Keychains for the guys would also be perfect.

More Expensive Gifts - You probably have people on your list to whom you want to give a more impressive gift, don't you? For example, maybe you are a man buying something very special for your sweetheart. Remember that most women love diamonds. With that in mind, consider diamond stud earrings or a diamond ring. Another idea is to get a set that includes a necklace and earrings, and maybe even a ring. Buy a set that has your sweetheart's birthstones part of the design. 

On the other hand, maybe you are a woman shopping for your husband or your fiancĂ©. Have you thought of buying him a timepiece? A watch would more than likely be very well received on Christmas morning. If the man in your life already has a sporty watch, then select an elegant one. Or, if he wears a fine watch every day, think of buying him a sporty watch with a handsome leather band. 

The jewelry store clerk will be happy to help you with your selections. And, once they are made, you can go to lunch or dinner while your gifts are being wrapped in pretty Christmas paper.