If you are looking for a sound investment in jewelry, you can't go wrong with a Rolex watch. These watches are among the most coveted in the world, which makes them one of the most counterfeited watches found. The best way to know that you are buying a real Rolex is to buy from a reputable and trusted seller, though there are a few other characteristics that will lead you to determine if the watch is a fake.

Some things that might help you determine if your Rolex is real include the following:

The dial. Look carefully at the dial of your watch to see any imperfections or inconsistencies that could point to it being a fake. Are the spaces even and perfect? Are there any misspellings on the dial? This may mean that you are handling a fake Rolex.

The case. Though styles come and go, a real Rolex typically has a blank back. With the exception of one particular men's model, the back-side of the casing doesn't have print, logos, or other accents and it very plain. Inauthentic watches may embellish or engrave this underside of the watch, which is a telltale sign that it is fake.

The writing. You can also get a hint as to the authenticity of the watch by looking closely at any writing or engraving on the casing. On a real Rolex, this writing will be crisp and pristine; on a fake, it may look less perfect or clean.

The winder. The winder on a true Swiss-made Rolex is considered to be a mini-masterpiece, within itself. Look for engraving, grooves, and fine detail, rather than a plain, basic winder which could indicate the watch is not authentic.

The weight. An easy way to determine if your watch is real is by simply picking it up. A fake Rolex doesn't have the heft that a genuine one does. These are handcrafted timepieces and they are not lightweight when you handle them.

A real Rolex watch is an excellent investment and always has resale value among collectors and fine watch enthusiasts. Just be sure the watch you are considering is, in fact, a true Rolex by having a jewelry expert examine and authenticate it before making the purchase. Use these tips to determine if the watch you are admiring has the qualities of a real Rolex or if you are looking at a fake. Often times, if the price seems low for an authentic Rolex, it may be a sign to have the watch looked at by an expert before buying. 

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