You've probably noticed that you look better in some earrings than others. One of the reasons for this is that different earrings complement different face shapes. Here's how you can determine your face shape -- and then use that information to pick the earrings that will look best on you.

Determining Your Face Shape

To determine your face shape, start by measuring your face length, which is the distance from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin. Also determine your jawline measurement, which is the distance from the tip of your chin to one ear, times two. Measure your cheekbone length, which is the distance across the upper cheeks, starting at the outer corner of one eye and ending at the corner of the other, and finally measure your forehead from the peak of one eyebrow to the peak of the other eyebrow.

Then, use these four measurements to determine your face shape.

Round: Your cheekbone and face length measurements are the same, and the forehead and jawline measurements are the same (but larger than your face length measurement.)

Square: All four measurements are about the same.

Oval: Your face length measurement is larger than the other three, which are all about the same.

Diamond: Your measurements fall into this order, from largest to smallest: face length, cheekbones, forehead, jawline.

Matching Earrings to Your Face Shape

Once you know your face shape, you can use that information to choose earrings that flatter your face. Use these guidelines:

Round: Long, dangling earrings will look best on you, as they will elongate your face. Those shoulder-sweeping, beaded earrings are practically made for you! If you want to wear studs, they'll look flattering, too, but stay away from hoops because they'll make your face look overly round.

Square: Medium-length earrings will look attractive on you because they'll maintain the already balanced look of your face. You'll also look good in hoops. Stay away from earrings with sharp angles, as they may make your face angles look too harsh.

Oval: Look for earrings with a soft look, like pearls, teardrop-shaped dangling earrings, and simple studs. These create a soft appeal and will bring out your face's natural contour. Oval is the most versatile face shape -- you'll look great in most anything.

Diamond: Post earrings that are wider than they are long will help de-accentuate your wide cheekbones. Look for more delicate designs with a combination of curves and straight lines. Stay away from long, dangling earrings, which may make your cheeks look over-pronounced.

Keep these tips in mind whether you're shopping for earrings from an online retailer, such as House of Harlow, or in a physical jewelry store. You'll emerge with jewelry that looks lovely -- and makes you look lovely, too.