If you are going to be proposing, you want to get an engagement ring that your partner will love. It can be hard to know just what kind of ring to choose when you are buying for someone else. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as the type of metal will they prefer, the stones they would like, the shape of the settings, the amount of detail, etc. The information here will give you some ideas on ways you can go about choosing the right engagement ring.

Ask your partner's best friend

Your partner's best friend will have a lot of insight when it comes to choosing the best ring. They will probably have a very good idea of your partner's taste when it comes to jewelry and will probably be more than happy to go down with you to help pick it out. You do want to make sure you can trust them not to let the surprise out since best friends often tell each other everything, and this is a big secret to keep.

Look at their current jewelry

If you will be choosing the ring on your own, then you should really take a look inside their jewelry box. If you will have a hard time getting time alone with the jewelry box, then you can quickly take a few pictures of the contents with your phone or a camera and inspect the pieces later.

Pay particularly close attention to whether the rings in there are mostly gold or silver. If they are silver, then you may want to go with a white gold engagement ring. They look a lot like silver but tend to be better quality with more impressive stones and settings. Look at the majority of stones in all the jewelry. While you may want diamonds to be a part of the engagement rings design, you can also incorporate other stones, such as rubies or sapphires, if those seem to be favorites.

Look at the shape of most of the stones in their other rings. They will have a preference regarding marquee, princess or other shapes of stones. This will play a big part in helping you choose the right ring. Also, if they tend to like simple jewelry, then you know to stay away from large and elaborate rings. If they like a lot of bling, then you can go bigger and with a lot of sparkles.

Get their ring size

Getting the ring size can be tricky, and it may require some extra investigating or the help of others. If you can temporarily borrow a ring you know they wear on their ring finger and take it down to see what size it is, then this is easier. You may even be able to find a printed ring sizing chart, so you can simply hold the ring up to it yourself to get the size.  

If you can't borrow a ring, then you may be able to wrap a piece of string around their finger while they are asleep and hold the string with your finer, so you don't lost the spot and mark the string with a pen. Take the string into the jewelry to find out the correct size. You can also be real sneaky and joke around with a ring out of a gumball machine and try putting it on them to see if it fits, pretending you are kidding around. Then, if it fits, use that ring for sizing.

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